Academix Academix Reading Development
developed by Info-Edu CC

The best investment in your child's future

Info-Edu developed educational software since 1993. Therefore it might be possible that you are already aware of our Academix visual perception and reading development program. Academix is already being used by many occupational therapists, psychologists, schools and tertiary institutions like the University of the North West (Pukke).

What is Academix?

Academix is an educational program which implements a dynamic way for pupils to achieve academic progress in all their subjects. The following areas are all addressed in the program :

  • Visual discrimination
  • Sequencing
  • Analysis and Synthesis
  • Letter recognition (foundation phase)
  • Word building
  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Spelling
  • Some grammatical principles like plurals, diminutives, synonyms and antonyms
  • Sentence construction
  • Reading Skills
  • Understanding

How does Academix work?

Academix is designed to work on Windows 8 and Windows 10. It can also run Windows 7, but additional software must be downloaded from Microsoft's internet website. Students can use the program on their own. Teachers or parents can however log on the program in administrator or teacher mode and will then be able to monitor the results of all the students. There are two modules of the program. There is an edition for home users as well as a school edition. The program contains lessons from grade 0 - 12. There is however a primary school version available, but that is only for home use.

Academix Presentations

In this presentations we will show you brief extracts form the program describing some of the visual perceptual exercises as well as some of the reading exercises.

Presentation 1
Presentation 2